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Topic-specific conversations and individually tailored offers for personality development, language and communication skills, self-efficacy and self-expression in German and English.

Depending on your needs and interests, we will examine a topic together. In the conversation, you gain more and more clarity about your emotions, desires, conflicts and their solution, and we practice helpful behavior and communication patterns.


I also offer tailor-made formats for teams in German and English. Here I offer a systematic analysis of the collaboration and communication in your team.

At its core, however, is that we create a space in which you have the opportunity to gain new impressions through painting, writing, movement in nature and other creative techniques, to strengthen your own imagination and, through self-reflection and a change of perspective, to find new approaches for yourself and your team.

You formulate visions and wishes and thus expand your horizons of interpretation.

In this way you will learn to develop your potential for change, towards a healthy cooperation and satisfactory and successful projects.


The credo of cultural anthropology is to learn to understand people and their everyday knowledge and behavior. If we look at the unknown to us, we can learn a lot about ourselves. I use that in my work.

In this way, my clients don't only train on cognitive level. We also practice listening and observing skills together and how you listen in order to use it for yourself and your life positively.

Critical thinking, reflection and analytical-conceptual change of perspective, emotional and mental agility are thus integrated as normality in everyday life.

Inductive interpretation and learning to understand through the hermeneutic spiral requires courage and serves a humble and at the same time critically questioning attitude in everyday life. A kind of dynamic shield and greater personal safety space and mobility in the world of ambiguity arises. These are essential requirements to be prepared for today's great transformations. 

Participatory observation at the workplace helps to see the work in teams  and departments consciously, openly and critically and to find a common language in the company.


I am familiar with working in large corporations as well as with the specific challenges of small and medium-sized companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

I help your organization to identify the need for change, to conceptualize new targets and to implement the change process.

In interpersonal, communicative and emotional issues as well as in improving cooperation in various teams and with regard to sustainability, competitiveness, employee and customer satisfaction.


You can also book me for lectures, workshops and advice.

Together we will find the right format for you with the content that is relevant to you.


The MapsTell map of the world of differences is a recognized communication training tool from the Netherlands.

PersonalMapping™ is a scan based on DISC that shows us the landscapes of our behavior on a map.

In this way you can understand your own behavioral style more easily and quickly and draw conclusions for dealing with other people.

A workshop with MapsTell thus provides a wide range of insights into one's own behavior and stimulus-reaction patterns (in a relaxed and stressed state). I use them for individual coaching, groups and organizations to increase communication, self-expression and conflict resolution skills.

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