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Hello and welcome to my website.
I am Nora Engelbert. Cultural anthropologist and consultant for organizational developer, change & transformation management.
My mission is to "empower people and organizations to unfold their potential so that collaboration and coexistence become satisfying for all across borders".

For this, enabling people and organizations to be stable in themselves while remaining flexible and agile enough to withstand the strong dynamics of change and to actively and self-effectively ride the waves and thus be adaptable, is an essential task.
We get ahead of the trend together!
I have been working as a freelancing trainer and consultant since 2009 and as a permanent employee since 2014, standing on the following three pillars.     


  1. Cultural anthropology & social psychology

  2. Communication, change and (cultural) transformation

  3. Classic and agile project management and organizational development



What I am and what I do:


As an organizational consultant, I immerse myself in the world and needs of my clients, colleagues and employees at all hierarchical levels. This enables me to quickly grasp and identify the pain points and provide solutions for what is needed in each individual case in order to make the collaboration and results satisfactory for everyone individually and in the overall context. With my extensive project and diverse industry experience as well as my well-founded and proven change, project and transformation management skills, I provide clear visions and offer orientation for the selection of the appropriate organizational and collaboration models and their strategic and operational implementation form and implement them successfully with my hands-on mentality.


On a small scale, I deliver fast and tailor-made results and support people and organizations in setting the right course for them to achieve long-term success on their path to effectiveness, efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction and their own excellence.


In my private life, I enjoy being in nature and traveling and I am committed to art and cultural projects. I write a blog in my "cultural anthropological creative space" igdra space, also host a podcast there, hold seminars, workshops and lectures and am involved in networks that make our societies capable of transformation, handling complexity and ensuring equal opportunities.

In this, I chose cultural anthropology and intersectional collaboration as my approach and path.





"The disruptive changes in our world in terms of technology and global social power structures offer us enormous opportunities to create a positive future for ourselves and life on the planet together. I use this chance; together with inspiring and committed people worldwide."

Areas of Action

I am convinced that:

  • Every person is unique.

  • Each of us is embedded in our own specific network of relationships and each person is an expert in their own right.

  • Each of us is connected to everything and everything is in flow.

  • Today's global interconnectedness and speed of transformation illustrates this interconnectivity and movement more than ever.

  • That's why I know that we can all learn from, with and for each other in order to co-creatively shape cultural change. And I live this every day.

DEEP DIVE (Beware! I already told you, I like writing - and I write a lot 😉)

The value & use of applied cultural anthropology for executives, teams, organizations and societies

Supporting People in Exploring New Horizons

  • Cultural anthropology offers central key competencies for executives.

  • The core business of cultural anthropology is to observe, listen and understand the ways we as humans live together.

  • This includes people-centric leadership today and in the future, effective and transparent stakeholder communication, identification and commitment and the active shaping of the interaction of digitalization processes, protection of life against the climate crisis and visible success in the fields migration, aging, diversity, equity and inclusionwhile striving for/maintaining the prosperity and well-being of all - in short: New Work.

  • The goal is to use iterative approaches to better and better understand the meanings people give to themselves and the world and the relationships and behaviors they maintain.

  • Mathematically, this process resembles an assymptote or how humanities would put it, a hermeneutic spiral. Getting ever closer is the aim. This means that agility is already part of every cultural-anthropological creation process, whether in the form of meaning, work or product.

  • So, through applied cultural anthropology, I embark on a personal journey with people.

  • I accompany organizations and groups on their collective transformation and help them to understand themselves and the world better and to shape positive change together.

  • I personally thrive when I lead workshop formats that take the participants out of their worlds and let them develop their creativity and the courage to spin, talk and be and really get to reflecting and thinking.

  • In this way, I also give them the true value of applied cultural anthropology for their everyday life. In this way, the participants learn what participant observation, the core method of cultural anthropology, is and how they use it themselves in the company for sustainable, agile development.

  • We learn, for example, how to talk to people who have no concept of property, the future or the past and practice how to listen and what a "emic term" is supposed to be and why it helps me in everyday project life in the call center, as in the contract negotiations in Mumbai or on Rügen.

  • Above this and with appropriate, practical exercises, a space is opened up for the participants in which they can explore what is really important to them in life and how they can achieve this together and also individually.

My worlds up
until now

Connecting Worlds for Co-Creating Cultural Change

Science, Education & Culture

  • I have been working in the field of language and cultural mediation for more than 20 years. 

  • I began my studies in ethnology, political science and public law (international law/international environmental law) in 2004 with a focus on Australia/Oceania, indigenous rights and international relations in Heidelberg and Tübingen. Then I switched to Europe and the topics of migration, demographic and social change.

  • During this time I worked in museums and refugee initiatives and was in close academic contact with fellow students and professors from the South Asia Institute in Heidelberg and the philosophical, religious, educational, psychological and historical institutes in Heidelberg, Tübingen and Luxembourg.

  • In the research for my doctoral thesis in cultural anthropology at the University of Freiburg, I focused on the topics of migration, aging, demographic change in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Minority rights as well as identity formation processes, medical anthropology, rituals and performance, transcultural and transdisciplinary communication were part of it.

  • I conducted my field research in the Rhine-Neckar region and in Eskişehir, in Central Anatolia, where I devoted myself to the topic of intercultural and culture-specific (elderly) care.

  • Meanwhile, I began teaching at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences for International Business Communication, the Ludwig-Uhland Institute for Empirical Cultural Studies at the University of Tübingen, gave my first lectures at international conferences and worked as a trainer for German as a foreign language and transcultural (business) communication at various educational institutions and in companies.

Economy, IT & organizations

  • Since 2013 I have been working in the interaction of people, organizations and IT. Digitization, AI, robotics and their effect on our coexistence as humans are central elements that shape cultural change today.

  • With my love for identity and personality issues, legal issues and justice, AI, cybersecurity, data law and management (e.g. indigenous rights on land, resources, medical knowledge vs. global corporate interests etc.) and the question of what digitization does to us humans in dealing with each other, for me the most exciting fields in IT.

  • I was responsible for project, change and communication management in lateral and official management roles in local and global IT & Business transformation projects, especially in the M&A area, outsourcing and around Microsoft cloud solutions, introduction of ERP and non-ERP systems and AI. Here I worked in life sciences groups, FinTech, construction and chemical industries, as well as in SMEs and start-ups.

  • For me, concepts such as Lean, Agile and NewWork are more than just buzzwords and all-purpose tools. They, too, want to be filled with life carefully and in the context-specific way.

  • During this time I worked closely with people from India and got to know other global companies and their working cultures. This also brought me to India with other cultural anthropologists and colleagues from IT.

People & Society​

  • For me, the focus is on people in all their diversity, imagination, behavior and their ambiguous realities of life.

  • Keywords: intersectionality, sustainable diversity, equity & Inclusion management and our relationship to nature, art and technology.

  • Since 2019 I have been more involved with academic work and projects in the non-profit sector, such as public health,  Sustainability, traffic turnaround and municipal work and environmental protection.

  • Here, too, the focus on European-African relations reappeared and, new, the relations of African countries to the Americas. In the course of this I also visited Ghana for research and networking purposes.

Theoretical background and inspiring people

  • As a cultural anthropologist, I am strongly influenced by postcolonialism and constructivism and also familiar with the ideas of Carl Jung, which were further developed by various parties. Clifford Geertz, Arjun Appadurai, Edward Said, Homi K. Bhaba, Gayatri Chakravorti Spivak, Pierre Bourdieu, Bruno Latour, Jürgen Bolten, Klaus P. Hansen, Friedemann Schulz von Thun and others shaped my studies, research, training and teaching content in my 20s. In recent years I have been working with people from Public Health and Cultural Anthropology, such as Michael Wilson (Turku/Heidelberg), Moris Samen (Frankfurt), Rama Srinivasan (IIT India), Daniel Fiaveh (Cape Coast), Edgar Akonor (Cape Coast) , Yasemin Karakaşoğlu (Bremen), Margret Jäger from the Applied Anthropology Network (AAN) of the European Association for Social Anthropology (EASA) and others.

Artificial intelligence:

  • My interest in Artificial Intelligence is mainly around social and ethical aspects and sustainable collaboration and production processes. Since 2023 I work with the LLM Architect and Neurolinguist Dr. Alex Judae in this field.

  • My approaches to the inner work and organizational change are also theoretically and methodologically influenced by various historical and contemporary philosophical and psychological schools such as Neoplatonism, European Romanticism, Buddhist approaches, the "Dreaming" of the Australian Aboriginal People, findings from brain research and neuroscience as well as common meditations - and systemic coaching practices.

  • From management perspective Edgar Schein, John Kotter, Otto Scharmer, Frederick Laloux, Joseph Jaworski, Patrick Lenconi, Stephen Covey and also the transactional analysis according to Eric Berne should be mentioned by name here.

  • Jung's and Jaworski's synchronicity - or, as the Neoplatonists would say, the coincidence-of-opposites is the magical moment, in which we take part in the divine principle; when imagination and creativity get us into Flow.  We can be in that state/zone alone for ourselves, as a partner or co-creative in the team and the organization and even society and humanity as a whole. This state of flow has to be reached and the basis for achieving this state has to be created, so that we remain constantly in the flow of movement and practice and maintain it.  As many of us have experienced in life, not everything lies in our hands alone. Ultimately, an act of grace is always needed, which we encounter with humility and gratitude.

  • And yet, our efforts in everyday life are rewarded and we can make them as pleasant as possible for us with very simple assistance no matter in which area we work or lead teams. In addition to the human and interpersonal dimension, professional project and change management with fit-for-purpose methods, tools, processes, IT systems, tidy and organized document management are the key to a secure structure and a secure framework in which teams and organizations act, get their work done and train to stay in the flow.

What drives me.
What I offer.

  • I am especially fascinated by the ever-changing relationship dynamics and behaviors of our species.

  • Real encounters and experiences, and the constant movement between the states of Belonging & Becoming inspire us and enable processes of change and development.

  • I offer individuals and groups a space for exchange and reflection, where you can explore yourself, understand yourself better and unfold potentials. And I show you how to use approaches from cultural anthropology for strategic organizational transformations, for yourself and your everyday life in order to successfully shape sustainable change with and for all participants.

  • In order to co-create positive cultural change with others and to support social and cultural projects worldwide, I founded the non-profit company igdra space in 2022 and maintain a steadily growing network of coaches, change managers, scientists, IT specialists and committed people worldwide.

  • I have 10+ years of experience in organizing and moderating large workshop formats, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, podcasts and other communication and information formats in various fields.

    • Workshops, seminars, lectures on applied cultural anthropology, change management, communication, migration and cultural change

    • Personality development for adults, children, youth

    • Team trainings on communication and collaboration

    • Personnel, team, leadership & organizational development

    • Applied cultural anthropology incl. training in self-expression, self-efficacy and storytelling

    • MapsTell Guide(d) Tours through the world of differences

    • Project management & change management consulting in strategy, conception and operational areas  

Training and education

  •     Python


  •     MapsTell Guide Coaching & Trainer Certificate

  •     Transparent Communication & Traumainformed Leadership (Pocket Project)

  •     Adaptation & Change Manager Microsoft

  •     PROSCI

  •     PRINCE2 Foundation

  •     GPM IPMA Level D Project Manager

  •     Trainer for Intercultural Communication - - University Jena

  •     Lecturer for German as a Foreign Language - Goethe Institute

  •     Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg, Dr. phil.

  •     Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, M.A.



Contact me directly if you want to know more about me, my offer or a possible collaboration.


+49 160 249 259 7


Lehrstrasse 22

64646 Heppenheim


Thanks for submitting!

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